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(if registered  after  September 14, 2018)

You probably know your I.Q. but do you know your E.I.?  E.I. is your Emotional Intelligence; your ability to know, recognize, and monitor your own emotions and recognize the emotions of others.  You use your E.I. information to guide your thinking, behavior, and responses to others; it helps you know when to sympathize and when to empathize.  Your E.I. affects how you conduct a mediation session, how you relate to mediation participates and how you relate to the attorneys representing the participants.

Recognizing your E.I. and learning how E.I. affects your mediation sessions will assist you to Coach Emotional Positivity during Mediation.  As Mediators we strive to offer productive, positive, beneficial mediation sessions.  E.I. awareness and training offers Mediators one more skill to enhance mediation sessions.

Christine L. Crilley, JD presents this training in a workshop style giving you an opportunity to learn about your E.I. and E.I. in general so you can enrich your mediation sessions. Positive E.I. (high E.I.) has significant impact on mental and physical well-being which certainly is a good thing for you and your participants.  

FALL Session: September 28, 2018
Attorney CLE Credit will be applied for.

Registration Fee:

Advanced Mediation Training

Coaching Emotional Positivity
​During Mediation & Dispute Resolution

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No Registrations will be accepted after September 21, 2018.

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FALL Session: September 28, 2018
Coaching Emotional Positivity During Mediation
​& Dispute Resolution

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