1.) How do I schedule an appointment for mediation and how much do your dispute resolution services cost?
To schedule an appointment please call our office at (319) 363-5606 and speak with the pre-mediation coordinator and provide the requested information. If we are not able to answer the phone please leave a message on the answering machine. Please leave your name, phone number and a good time to return your call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  After speaking with the pre-mediation coordinator, you may download the Personal Data and Information Form by clicking on the link at right in the second column of this FAQ page.

Mediation is scheduled for a minimum of two (2) hours (although you can schedule for longer and many participants do). The cost for the two hour minimum mediation is $225.00 per participant. This fee includes scheduling and documents required by the Court. We do not charge a separate administrative fee. The charge for drafting Agreements is $225.00 per hour. In the event you schedule for longer than the minimum two hours or extend beyond the two hour appointment, each additional hour is charged at the rate of $225.00 per hour.

2.) What information do I need when scheduling my appointment?
We will need to know your name, address, phone numbers (cell, home, work); your attorney's name, phone and fax numbers; the county in which the case has been filed; the case number (located in the upper right section of your legal documents usually beginning with CDDM. DRCV, LA, or EQ followed by some numbers) and if you plan to have your attorney attend. 

3.) Can I schedule for both side of the mediation?
Yes. You will need to have the others party's information (see first FAQ). You will also have to have the other party call into our office and confirm that you have permission to schedule for both. This can be beneficial in getting appointment times arranged.  

4.) Should I schedule for more than a two-hour appointment?
Depending on the issues, Mediation can take one to several sessions. At the beginning of the first session, we will spend a short amount of time discussing the Mediation process and discussing which issues you and the other party would like to resolve first. If you and the other party are communicating, more can be accomplished with more time. You may also elect to schedule a follow-up two-hour, or longer, mediation appointment, but the choice is up to you.

By scheduling for a two-hour minimum appointment, there is time for the Court-required preliminaries to be taken care of with sufficient  time remaining for substantial mediation.
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5.) Can we go longer than our scheduled appointment?
Usually there is an appointment scheduled immediately following your set appointment. But, if there is not another appointment after you, you may go longer. The additional time must be paid in full at the end of the mediation session and will be charged at the rate of $112.50 per hour per participant ($225 total per hour).
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6.) How long do I need to schedule to satisfy the Court ordered Mediation?
Crilley Mediation's two-hour minimum appointment includes the explanatory time to satisfy the mandatory part of the mediation and will satisfy the Court order requiring mediation.   For mediation to be as effective as possible we schedule appointments for a minimum of two hours.

7.) Can I schedule for more than one session?

Yes, this is encouraged when matters remain unresolved and are usually scheduled following a previous session.   

8.) What happens if I cancel my mediation appointment?
If you must cancel your appointment, cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment or you each will forfeit your half of the total Mediation fee.  

9.) What should I bring with me to mediation?
Bring with you any documents, legal pleadings, calculations, prior agreements, drawings, photographs, appraisals, etc. that would be helpful to illustrate your position.   

10.) Can my attorney attend the mediation with me?
Yes, but is not necessary, particularly if you are participating in a regular mediation session. On the other hand, having attorneys at facilitated settlement sessions and arbitration may be helpful or necessary. If you do choose to have your attorney accompany you to mediation, please contact your attorney and they will advise you in this matter. If your attorney will be accompanying you, please let us know.   

11.) What happens before the mediation session?

After making an appointment, you will be sent a letter confirming your appointment. Also sent with the letter will be a pamphlet about mediation as well as a two-page Personal information and Data Sheet. You will need to fill it in and return the Personal Data and Information Sheet to arrive at our office at least three business days prior to your Mediation session along with a check or exact cash for your one-half share of the cost for mediation.    

12.) Does the mediator take sides in the dispute?

No. The Mediator provides a non-adversarial environment for the participants to work together with the mediator to explore alternative ideas and ways to reach agreement. The mediator is a neutral facilitator working to create a positive atmosphere conducive to settlement for all parties.

13.) Can mediation involve more than two parties?
Yes. It is better to limit those attending to those directly involved and not spectators or support people. People advise us if you desire to have someone other than your attorney attend mediation with you.   

 14.) What type of issues do you mediate?
•    Family law disputes including: property/assets/alimony/support,
      child custody/visitation property
•    Business
•    Conveyance disputes ranging from boundary disputes, title disputes,
     easement agreements, ownership disputes, zoning, nuisances, etc.
•    Civil litigation
•    Real Estate and Construction
•    Probate
•    Organizational (i.e. church, workplace, school, office)
•    Employment

15.) What is joint custody, joint physical care, legal custody, physical care, post-secondary education, and child support?
Please click on the following link for definitions of these terms as written in the Iowa Code Section 598.1:Click here for a .PDF file that contains the definitions to the above as found in Iowa Code Section.598.1.

Stipulation of Assets

Christine is a member of the following mediation organizations. If you would like to view her profiles, please click on the organization to do so:

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NOTE: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are not intended to be legal counsel or legal advise.  Always contact your own attorney for legal advise as to how this information applies to your particular case. This FAQ page may answer some of the questions you may have regarding the mediation process and Crilley Mediation dispute resolution services.

Preparing for Mediation

Click here to download a 2-page .PDF file of the Crilley Mediation Personal Data and Information Form.  After downloading, please print the form, answer the questions and immediately mail or deliver to:

    Crilley Mediation Services
    320 Miller Road
    Hiawatha, IA 52233

(If delivering after hours please leave your  information and/or payment  in the drop box located in our left side entrance.)

Or you can scan your completed form and e-mail it to: cmm@CrilleyLaw.com

Payment for your appointment needs to be received in our office at least three (3) days before your appointment.

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