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Self Determination In Mediation:
Does It Really Exist?

2018 (at Crilley Mediation Center) - To Be Determined
If interested or for more information please call: 319.363.5606

Recognizing your E.I. (Emotional Intelligence)and learning how E.I. affects your mediation sessions will assist you to Coach Emotional Positivity during Mediation.  As Mediators we strive to offer productive, positive, beneficial mediation sessions.  E.I. awareness and training offers Mediators one more skill to enhance mediation sessions.

Family Law Mediator Training

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14-Hour Collaborative Law Training

Coaching Emotional Positivity
During Mediation & Dispute Resolution

2018 (at Crilley Mediation Center) - To Be Determined
If interested or for more information please call: 319.363.560

“In my 15 years of the practice of law, this has been the best seminar I have attended in terms of content and instruction.  I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mediation.”

“Amazing seminar.  Very practical, hands on style.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to practice.  Very helpful to know you are available to us.  It is very refreshing to be taught by someone who loves and values this profession.”

“Your education guidance and constructive input during the role playing session was very valuable.  You are very enthusiastic and encouraging person and I am sure most of us left feeling empowered and inspired.”

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful week of mediation training.  I am looking forward to using my new skills in working with my existing clients and hopefully able to play an active role in settlement conference.”

“Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this such a wonderful, productive experience.  The Training totally opened my eyes to the benefit of properly prepared mediation.  And thanks so much for the templates and forms so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.”

“This was a very well organized and conducted program.  Coming out of the Training, I feel that I have the skills to initiate a Mediation Practice.”

“I absolutely loved this class.  It exceeded my expectations in every way. I will be a better lawyer because of what you have created with this class. I don't think I could have learned these skills as well from anyone else.  Your environment, style and feedback were outstanding.”

“The most valuable portions were the role plays and understanding differences of what lawyers/non-lawyers can say during mediation.”

“This class solidified that mediation is a true and beautiful art form. You are a master of your skill. What an amazing process!”

“What a wonderful opportunity to experience how mediation can help people work out their own differences and the agreements they can reach. And now I have the knowledge to assist others in reaching their own agreements.”

“All of the role playing really helps understand the process and how mediation truly works.”

“Loved the energy of Chris; made you feel welcome to make mistakes and learn from them. Very helpful with comments to improve on your questions.”

Crilley Mediation Services - ACR Approved 40-Hour Mediation Training & Collaborative Law Training

The purpose of this 40-hour program is to train mediators in compliance with Iowa law so as a mediator you can mediate in Iowa and in family law disputes in the state of Iowa.

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Two-Day Training Program for Parenting Coordinators, Mediators, Custody Evaluators, Attorneys, Judges, Therapists, Parent Educators, and Other Professionals Who Work with High Conflict Families

Dates Set for Fall 2018

SPRING Session: May 2-3, 2019



16-Hour Parent Coordinator Training

For private group training of the following seminars, please contact our office: 319.363.5606, as Christine would be willing to travel.

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ACR Nationally Approved 40-Hour

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2018 (at Crilley Mediation Center) - To Be Determined
If interested or for more information please call: 319.363.5606

Mediation Trainings and

This training will be held in a workshop setting and will examine the Ethical Rules and Guidelines under which we practice mediation and point to the importance and absolute requirement of Party Self Determination.

This Training is for Mediators, Lawyers, CPAs,
Financial Planners and Child Advocates

Advanced Mediation Training

SPRING  Session: April 8-12, 2019

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Parenting Coordination Training